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Hello Melbourne,

To all of my followers and friends (and yes…my mum too):

I know that I haven’t blogged in a while and there are a few reasons for this:
1. I’ve been without Internet at home for a while now – damn you almost void reception
2. I’ve been focusing on my studies more than usual
3. Sewing, socialising and working have consumed the entirety of my time

Fortunately for me…I get to spend some of my uni holidays in the quirky town of Melbourne with my big poo (bestest travel buddy). We had great plans of traveling during our off time aka lazy weeks, however money and effort became two solid obsticles. Until…one night we looked and booked within about 30 minutes.

I found that packing my large and slightly already heavy bag was a task when it needed to be under 10kg if I was to make any purchases while abroad. It seemed like a smart idea to pay for 15kg at the time of booking but now I’m slightly regretting skimping on those crucial Kilograms.

Understandably, I packed 2 Paris of jeans, 5 skirts, 1 dress, 4 tops, 2 jumpers , 1 pair of heels and a pair of flats.

As it turns out I didn’t need anything but three simple outfits.

I’ll give you a simple taste as to the places we visited:

































Tuesday, you came around so fast

Hey there Tuesday,

I do seem to have let the last few months fly past. I have realised that I haven’t done much…been out much…or had much time to myself.

Luckily I’ve planned some goals (both short and long term goals) which include:

  • working less
  • saving more
  • planning my next holiday
  • spending more time with family
  • exercising outdoors in the fresh air
  • working harder at my studies
  • Whilst I was away in Europe, I had a lot of time to think about the goals I have and things I have to aspire to. I have pondered over these within the last few weeks and conclusively decided to write them down and share them with my Mum (who is always there to listen and encourage luckily).

    I had some deep thought going on and raised some questions about myself and the life I was choosing to live. I concluded that I am not a risk taker, nor do I allow myself time to do things just for me. I plan too much and don’t do thing spontaneously and look into the future with a juvenile outlook.

    I realised that I am going to be graduating university soon and that I should most probably decide what it is that I am going to spend the next year or two doing. I had a few decisions to make in order to get to the place I am now…however, I have decided that it is time for me to leave the comfortable nest that I call Perth. I need to spread my wings overseas and see what the world has.

    Hopefully, I’m not the only one with goals now and that others choose to make them too. I believe that there is only so far you can go without direction in order to be truly happy.



    T T Tuesday

    Agh Tuesday we meet again,

    Today you’re sunny and bright but have brought on some gloomy news. Unfortunately my bunny, milo is unwell and. I can’t stay home to help him battle it out. If only there was a virtual bunny specialist.

    On a brighter note, I completed my DIY task for the weekend. I painted my bed frame white and my room is looking over 100% better already. I’m quite content with making a slow transition from having a colourful room to a white one. When I was asked why I was utilising white as my primary shade, I replied with “because it’s clean”. This resulted in giggles and after a short ponder, I realised that I liked the vibe it gave off when the sun rose in the morning. It makes me feel awake and yes… ‘Clean’.

    Sunday was a fantastic day ( although much to warm for the jeans I was wearing). The annual chilli festival was on at the Fremantle esplanade park. Not only did I get to try some chilli German sausages, but also witnessed a chilli eating competition as well as some contemporary dancing. The weather was perfect for a chilli adventure and fish and chips on the beach.

    As promised, I will give you tip two for planning a European holiday.

    Once you’ve investigated the best ways to travel around to your different destinations, work out the cost of doing each and the time required. As time was less valuable to be than money, I decided that using trains to gallivanting around was the best method.

    If you’ve chosen short journey trips and also decided on trains, look into buying single tickets. However, if you are going to be using long journey grin trips, I advise that you buy an interail (for European resident) or a eurail pass ( for everyone else ). I bought the eurail pass for $650 which allowed me to travel to any country listed on the site for 10 days within 2 months.

    My advice would be to plan a rough itinerary and use the eurail timetable to plan the train duration and times. This was a bad bad bad mistake that I made of not doing. Don’t do hat I did and assume they are frequent, non stopping trains that you don’t need to reserve for. Because you do and they aren’t!

    Use the advice wisely



    Taken from the chilli website

    Back in sad little Perth

    Perth Perth Perth,

    This is the place that I call home.

    Unfortunately, I’m back home and have begin my semester at university again. Even more unfortunately, I am currently sitting in my ethics lecture naughtily typing this post whilst listening to the lecturer blabber on.

    On a lighter note, it has been amazingly sunny over the last two weeks. I have found myself sitting, eating, studying, laying, sleeping and tanning in the sun. I hadn’t realised until recently the strong relationship with the sun.

    I have been doing a lot of DIY crafts lately. However, I have decided to slow down on those tasks and help those of you out there who are trying to plan a holiday just like I did. The greatest motivation I have to do this is that I couldn’t find a blog or helpful website that I could use to plan my trip.

    Tip number one:
    The first point I wanted to make is that you have to decide where you really want to go and look at it on a map. Ensure that you can physically get to each place by plane, train or coach.

    I used a old Frankie calendar world map and marked them with a sharpie. Then I researched the best way to get around to each place. It turns out it was flying or training.

    I will hopefully provide you with as much advice as I can.



    I’m still here

    For those of you who thought I had died…turns out I hanvnt. I have just been traveling for the last three weeks with a mixture of bad Internet connection, lack of planning to get photos on my blog and complete laziness.

    I have so far traveled london-Paris-Amsterdam-Berlin-Paris and today we are venturing to nice ( bec and I). I’ll be site to try and keep you updated. However, I’m squishing this post in while I eat my baguette and drink my juice before the long haul on the train.

    Hope you all enjoying life.

    Visiting York


    Is the place that I visited last Wednesday and Thursday. When I arrived it was delightfully cold and bright. I had a good idea as to what it was going to be like, however my experience was a little different that I had expected.

    I was greeted at the rather large station by my friend Matt. I was freezing and realised that I had not experienced anything as cold as what I was enduring. As the train journey was so short I had already eaten, we popped into Matt and Kaliska’s house for some food and a chat. After catching up and waiting for Kaliska to finish her day at university we went for a chilly walk around the town.

    I got to see many of the touristy sights as well as the uni life. Both the sights and uni were different than I had encountered before and it was most delightful to catch a glimps of the life of a student in England.

    A big thank you to Matt and Kaliska for showing me around and for allowing me to stay in their adorable little apartment.

    Design, Tate & Gandering

    Art, Art and more Art,

    Is what I saw today. I was luckly enough that my Aunty had the day off work today and was able to give me a lovely walk around London, as well as accompany me to the Design Museum and the Tate Modern.

    The weather was fairly cold, thus, we briskly walked from the train to the Design Museum quickly sight seeing and taking a few snaps along the way. The Design Museum was holding a collection called Unexpected Pleasures. That was exactly what it was. As I am new to designing Jewlery, I found it a pleasure to be able to explore new techniques and materials. More so, it provided me with ideas.

    The Tate Modern was top on my list of places to visit during my time in London. Not only was it an amazing building accompasing a wealth of history, it holds numerous peices of interesting artwork. I found myself enjoying ‘the Tanks’ the most as they held a different style of artwork.

    I would strongly advise visiting both places if you have similar interests as me, but make sure you view opening times prior to visiting.

    DSCF7158 DSCF7166 DSCF7179 DSCF7177 DSCF7190 DSCF7202 DSCF7182


    Chinatown London,

    As my Aunty would say it was ‘yumskas’. Minus the burnt chicken…

    I had decided last week that I would take a trip to Chinatown for some authentic food. However, I soon found that after three visits I was not well aquainted with my map and could not find it.

    Until…It appeared before me. I took a whole thirty minutes deciding which restaurant would be the best for me to eat in. After the mighty long time I took to deliberate, I chose the one with the most people seated in the window seats. This happened to be called the the Dumplings’ Legend.

    The menu was broad and written in both english and mandarin. The staff were attentive and the food came quickly. Moreover, it delicious (apart from the chicken mentioned above). The price was reasonable although, be sure to watch out for the service fee they add to the bill.

    On my walk into the resaurant, I didn’t notice any cutlury and thus assumed that I was going to have to practice my chopstick skills. I was right. I have never been good at using them, but may have mastered the skill after a new giggles at myself.

    In summary, I would suggest a trip into chinatown for some ‘yumska’ worthy food.


    The Rain Room

    Rain Room,

    This was the exhibition that I viewed today at the Barbican. I first set eyes on an article depicting what the experience was like and advocating its ability to involve its audience in the work. As the event was free I thought I may as well pop along and see what all of the rave was about.

    Lucky I had read that the wait in line was approximately two hours, so i well equipped myself with a hot chocolate, muffin and magazine to read in the line. However, I did soon realise that I was receiving daggers of other individuals like myself who were alone and did not have an ally to hold their place in the line.

    After an hour of shuffling closer and closer to the never-ending front of the line, I realised that the people in the line (minus the school children) were quite alternative and quirky in their sense of style. I did attempt to take some sneaky snapped, but failed and realised that it was bordering illegal. Underneath the coats were pretty, neutral or dark coloured tops, chino pants, leather jackets with studs and vintage hair clips.

    Once I was at the front of the line and made my way into the dark room of goodness, I ran straight into the rain…soon to realise that the sensors meant that you didn’t need to get wet at all. woops.

    It was a splendid and almost surreal experience provided by the illusion that you are standing in the middle of a downpour. I would defiantly suggest a visit to the Barbican for this exhibition. Well done to the Random International for an amazing 15 minutes.





    Pyjama sets,

    Are just one thing I am loving at the moment. There are another ten things I’m love love loving.

  • new girl
  • DIY
  • Pinterest
  • red lip stick
  • moustaches
  • pugs in hats
  • lush face masks
  • all milk hot chocolates
  • bow rings
  • walking in the wind
  • Oh and I have become overly passionate about shoes